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Using Affirmations

Using Affirmations

Affirmations do indeed strengthen us by helping us believe in the potential of an action we desire to manifest. When we verbally affirm our dreams and ambitions, we are instantly empowered with a deep sense of reassurance that our wishful words will become reality.

Affirmations are proven methods of self-improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. Much like exercise, they raise the level of feel-good hormones and push our brains to form new clusters of “positive thought”

I can achieve greatness

Tell yourself on a daily basis that you can achieve all the greatness in life. By telling this to yourself and believing that you can achieve greatness, it will eventually turn into reality.

Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy. Joy starts from within,  so make it habit to repeat this to yourself first thing in the morning.

I love and accept myself for who I am.  When you love yourself, you automatically start appreciating and respecting yourself. If you have confidence and pride in what you do, you will begin to see yourself in a new light and be encouraged and inspired to do bigger and better things.

My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and soul. If either suffers from negative emotions, the others will be affected. The number one cause of health or disease is you.

I believe I can do everything.  By saying this, you are able to do anything and everything that you put your mind to.

Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.  Know from the bottom of your heart that everything happens for a reason and in perfect synchronicity. You are at peace with all that has happened, is happening, and will happen. Your fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents. You are the creator of your life. If you begin your day with a positive thought and feeling it will transform your day into something incredible. Works every time.

I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.  Forgiveness will give you a sense of peace and freedom within you that they will never have until they share that sentiment. Your power to forgive them also instantly changes how they react to you.

My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite. You have no limits but those you place on yourself, This affirmation will help you address all of the boundaries you have placed on yourself. 

Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.  This too shall pass along, leads you to new and brilliant ideas and the mindset that allows that energy to flow.


Originated from  PreventDisease.


On a Daily Bases !!
Today I will check my own thoughts at least 10 times today. I will check the quality of my thoughts. If I catch myself having negative or waste thoughts, I will create one single positive thought like “I am the master of my life” or “I choose my destiny with my actions” or simply “I am happy today”.


I found this video ♥♥♥  Enjoy !~




affermation dec 19 buddha

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

affermation dec 19 1

Write it down.

  • When you write it, the magic begins.
  • After you write it, you can start reading it.
  • When you start reading it, you’ll be able to start saying it.
  • When you start saying it, you start hearing it.
  • When you start hearing it, you start to believe it.
  • When you believe it, things begin to change.
  • When things begin to change, you will understand. And believe.
“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe


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Sandraji Lynn

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  1. Loved the process of affirmations. Writing it is definitely when and where all the magic begins for sure. There’s something powerful in writing it all down first. =)

  2. Affirmations are a very powerful thing.

    Be careful what you wish for because you ARE going to get it.

  3. I’ve used affirmations most of my life. Key to survival some days.

  4. Great affirmations Sandraji. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  5. Great article Sandraji. I’m a huge fan of affirmations!

  6. Boom!! Boldly Declare And Affirm Our Best. SPEAK Life into Existence POW!

  7. Excellent post Sandra. Affirmations are so very important…

  8. Great post and affirmations Sandraji…. I have a set that I say every morning and you are right on about how important they are… thank you for sharing this.

  9. Awesome post! Thank you for reminding me as I tend to get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to do my affirmations!

  10. Awesome tips here Sandra! Thanks for sharing, I will be implementing these starting with writing things down!

  11. What a great process and some awesome suggestions for affirmations. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Great tips here on how to use affirmations. They can really help re-wire you brain as you mentioned. No one should underestimate the power of the mind. Thanks for sharing!

  13. [ Smiles ] I genuinely believe in affirmations. I like to refer to them as, “Mantras.”

    Positive affirmation helps to eliminate the “Negative self-talk” that most of us tend to get ourselves caught up in.

  14. Great post, and I really loved the video. Affirmations are a good part of seeing your success.

  15. Affirmations are a great way to start the day. Thank you for the list of the most powerful.

  16. I don’t think most people realize how important affirmations are. They affect our mindset, which sets the tone for everything else in our lives. We tell ourselves things all of the time, whether we try to or not. The key is making sure what we’re telling ourselves is positive.

    • sandra copeland

      December 28, 2015 at 3:45 PM

      This is so true we are always engaging in self talk and we need to make it positive !!~ thank you ♥♥♥

  17. Thanks Sandra.

    So true.

    We will be a failure, until we impress the subconscious with the conviction we are a success. This is done by making an affirmation which ‘clicks.’

  18. LOVED this post and the affirmations you posted.

    Thank you!

    Dr. Lisa

  19. Affirmations are so important! Thanks for sharing!

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